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The journal of Central European politics society and culture
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Thematic Archive
Thematic Archive:
Slovak Politics

Articles on Slovak politics which have appeared in past issues of CER.

4 June 2001
Does Slovakia Need a Facelift?
Tim Haughton
Robert Fico is offering Slovakia a new face and a new direction.

27 November 2000
Staying Afloat
Balázs Jarábik
Slovakia is hurrying to bring the country in line with EU norms on minority policy; however, significant obstacles remain.

20 November 2000
Referendum Blues
Tim Haughton believes we may have finally seen the last of Meciar. Michael Kopanic ponders Slovakia's future.

13 November 2000
Slovakia's Progress
Robin Sheeran
A summary of the EC's 2000 Progress Report on Slovakia.

11 September 2000
Aiming West
Michael J Kopanic Jr
Slovakia's recent entry to the OSCE is a significant step forward. Can the country make futher progress?

20 March 2000
Tiso's Legacy
Michael J Kopanic Jr
The legacy of Josef Tiso continues to divide Slovakia 50 years after his execution. Plans to unveil a plaque in his memory in the town of Žilina have been halted after national and international protests.

28 February 2000
Case Closed
Michael J Kopanic Jr
Slovak investigators finally dispel speculations of murder in the death of Dubček.

14 February 2000
Crisis in Government
Michal Frank
The ruling SDK party in Slovakia is on the verge of collapse.

24 January 2000
Reshuffling the Deck
Michael J Kopanic Jr
Slovakia's Prime Minister Mikuláš Dzurinda has been toying with the idea of a new party since this past summer.

17 January 2000
SLOVAKIA: Stealing the Steelworks, Part II
Michael J Kopanic Jr
How the Eastern Slovak Ironworks went from steel behemoth to debt-ridden debacle.

10 January 2000
SLOVAKIA: Stealing the Steelworks
Michael J Kopanic Jr
The story of Alexander Rezeš is a perfect example of the kind of brazen corruption which has typified post-Communist transition.

13 December 1999
Success Abroad, Questions at Home
Michael J Kopanic Jr
For Dzurinda's coalition to be strong over the next few years, his team will have to overcome much higher hurdles on the domestic front.

6 September 1999
A Year of New Government
Sharon Fisher
If Slovakia does not receive recognition for its efforts - in the form of an invitation to first-round EU enlargement talks at the Helsinki summit in November - Dzurinda's pro-Western government could collapse.

9 August 1999
The Cost of Joining the Club
Michael J Kopanic Jr
The challenge for the current Slovak government is to convince the citizens that the present-day sacrifices are worth the price.

9 August 1999
Slovakia Becomes Boring
Juraj Lisiak
An inexperienced Clinton crony will soon become the new US ambassador in Bratislava.

28 June 1999
The Prospects for Schuster's Slovakia
Michael J Kopanic Jr
Slovakia's new President.

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