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The journal of Central European politics society and culture
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Thematic Archive
Thematic Archive:
Romanian Society

Articles on Romanian society which have appeared in past issues of CER.

19 March 2001
At Fate's Hand
Timothy Kenny
Romanians use fate an as excuse for failure, not for success.

12 March 2001
Curing the Past
Marius Dragomir
Romanian nationalism has transformed into an eclectic mix of bygone eras but poses little threat to the long-term stability of Europe.

13 November 2000
Romanian Women Don't Wear the Trousers
Delia Dumitrica
Why don't Romanian women stand up to the patriarchal stereotypes imposed on them?

18 September 2000
Legalizing Sex
Catherine Lovatt
With elections around the corner, who will support the new law legalizing homosexuality in Romania?

29 May 2000
Looking after the Family Silver
Catherine Lovatt
Romania gets its own National Trust to protect historic buildings and landmarks.

10 April 2000
Beyond Dracula
Catherine Lovatt
The Romanian tourist industry should rely on more than just legends to lure visitors.

27 March 2000
Asylum Seekers in Britain
Catherine Lovatt
Romanians and Britains alike, have responded with a similar attitude to the "problem of the begging Roma."

22 November 1999
Restless in Romania
Catherine Lovatt
Romania is gripped by strikes and public protests - and not for the first time.

8 November 1999
Hungarian University in Transylvania
Catherine Lovatt
The debate about the re-creation of the Hungarian Bolyai University began in 1997, raising issues of national identity, ethnicity and minority rights.

25 October 1999
The Mioritic Space
Catherine Lovatt
A look at poet and philosopher Lucien Blaga's attempts to define notions of "Romanianness" through a complex and mystical theory of cultural influences and collective unconsciousness.

16 August 1999
Eclipsing Romania's Woes
Catherine Lovatt
Two Minutes and Twenty-Three Seconds. Superstition and science joined together for the total eclipse in Romania, as the country was distracted for a few minutes from its economic and political problems.

9 August 1999
Gay Outlaws in Romania
Catherine Lovatt
With same-sex relationships against the law, Romania's attitude to homosexuality is decidedly puritan.

8 March 1999
King Coal and His Miners
Catherine Lovatt
Srtiking coal miners are nothing new in Romania.

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