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The journal of Central European politics society and culture
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Thematic Archive
Thematic Archive:
Romanian Politics

Articles on Romanian politics which have appeared in past issues of CER.

4 December 2000
Glutton for Punishment
Catherine Lovatt
With Romanians choosing between a former Communist and an ultranationalist for president, a new pariah of Europe may be just around the corner.

13 November 2000
Romania's Progress
Catherine Lovatt
A summary of the EC's 2000 Progress Report on Romania.

6 November 2000
Between In and Out
Marius Dragomir
Romania's upcoming elections pose a real danger to democratic reforms.

2 October 2000
Mistrusting the Neighbours
Catherine Lovatt
Whatever the final outcome of the Yugoslav elections, Romania will set its foreign policy sights on the West.

4 September 2000
Electoral Whirlwinds
Delia Dumitrica
Will the Romanian presidential elections mark a return to a not so distant past?

26 June 2000
Championship Politics
Catherine Lovatt
While Romanians may excel at football, their politicians are just not good enough.

12 June 2000
Apathy and Confusion
Catherine Lovatt
The opposition PDSR has taken advantage of a low turnout in the Romanian local elections.

22 May 2000
Parisian Scandal
Catherine Lovatt
The biggest political scandal since Communism is now rocking Romania.

2 May 2000
Think Global, Vote Local
Catherine Lovatt
June's local elections in Romania will be a trial run for the country's general elections in November.

17 April 2000
Securitate Shuffle
Catherine Lovatt
A new law further opens up the old files of the hated secret police. But just try getting the goods on a public official.

3 April 2000
The Red Line
Catherine Lovatt
Issues of espionage have been resurrected, and two front-runners in the presidential election race could see their credibility diminish dramatically.

20 March 2000
Setting the European House in Order: Human rights and accession
Gusztáv Kosztolányi
Last week, while the Euro-minded media focused on the neverending struggle to define the nature of chocolate, a far more significant debate was held in the European Parliament in Strasbourg concerning human rights both within the EU and in the candidate countries.

20 March 2000
Western Help in Romania
Catherine Lovatt
Ten years after their revolution, Romanians find themselves largely reliant on outside assistance.

13 March 2000
Petre Roman in London
Catherine Lovatt
Romanian Foreign Minister Petre Roman "sale of Romania" left much unexplained.

6 March 2000
The Dirtiest Election
Catherine Lovatt
Election campaigns are normally messy, but Romania appears to be taking this to the extreme.

28 February 2000
Convention Chaos
Catherine Lovatt
Last week's Democratic Party Convention in Romania resulted in the resignation of six leading PD members and parliamentary chaos.

14 February 2000
Anglo-Romanian Relations
Catherine Lovatt
Romanian President Emil Constantinescu visits the UK.

17 January 2000
Regional Politics and Instability
Catherine Lovatt
A plethora of parties in Romania.

10 January 2000
The Yuletide Collapse
Catherine Lovatt
Romania's Prime Minister was dismissed in and extraordinary and allegedly unconstitutional manner.

13 December 1999
Romania's Hardships
Catherine Lovatt
Despite economic collapse, political instability and civil unrest not everything is negative.

11 October 1999
Ten Years after What?
Catherine Lovatt
President Emil Constantinescu controversially declared that the collapse of Communism "meant no revolution."

4 October 1999
Fishing for a Marshall Plan
Catherine Lovatt
Romania has developed a programme which they hope will help bring stability and security to the Balkans.

20 September 1999
Waiting for the Pay-back
Catherine Lovatt
Romania is still waiting to reap the rewards of its support of the NATO bombing campaign of Yugoslavia.

30 August 1999
The Failure of Pure Democracy
Catherine Lovatt
The extremes of the Romanian political spectrum are crippling democracy.

23 August 1999
Ceausescu's Return
Catherine Lovatt
In a symbolic attempt to disassociate Romania from the Ceausescu era, many of the Ceausescu possessions have been auctioned.

26 July 1999
Romania's Only Way Ahead
Catherine Lovatt
Romania caught between pleasant-sounding political guarantees abroad and economic chaos at home.

19 July 1999
Romanian Economy in Crisis
Catherine Lovatt
Romania's economic woes mount.

12 July 1999
Iron Guard Revival
Catherine Lovatt
A revival of the interwar fascist movement in Romania.

12 July 1999
The Legacy of Elena Ceausescu
Catherine Lovatt
No one has ever really taken her place in Romanian politics.

7 June 1999
Is Romania's Government Crumbling?
Catherine Lovatt
Public confidence in government is dwindling and the economy is only getting worse.

3 May 1999
Romanian and the Kosova Crisis
Catherine Lovatt
Romania, the Kosovo crisis and NATO membership.

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