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The journal of Central European politics society and culture
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Thematic Archive
Thematic Archive:
Macedonian Politics

Articles on Macedoinan politics which have appeared in past issues of CER.

4 June 2001
The Macedonian Concern
Borce Gjorgjievski
Recent conflicts have sparked concern over the future of the Macedonian state and its people.

14 May 2001
Voting on War
Artur Nura
With ethnic tension on the rise in Macedonia, politicians shift into gear.

2 April 2001
The Third Balkan War
Sam Vaknin
Macedonia is just a distraction. The real third Balkan war is about to break out in Bosnia.

26 March 2001
Extreme Division
Artur Nura
The crisis in Macedonia, from the Albanian side of the fence.

2 October 2000
Bound to Wait
Eleanor Pritchard
The Macedonian government will either be strengthened or destabilised, depending on who triumphs in Belgrade.

22 May 2000
The Union of Death
Sam Vaknin and Židas Daskalovski
More discussion of Balkan violence. This week, Macedonia's IMRO examined.

10 April 2000
After Tito, Techno!
Sam Vaknin
Where Macedonia is and where it's going.

3 April 2000
A Macedonian Soap Opera
Goran Janev
Macedonia: At the heart of the bloody Balkan mountains is now one of the longest-lasting soaps in the history of home entertainment.

7 February 2000
The Friendly Club
Sam Vaknin
Macedonia has been given the cold shoulder in the latest wave of applications for EU entry.

29 November 1999
In the Wake of Broken Promises
Sam Vaknin
Will prejudice alone kill the Macedonian economy?

22 November 1999
A New Era: Macedonia's New President
Židas Daskalovski
The victory of Boris Trajkovski also means that Slobodan Milosevic has lost another battle in the Balkans.

2 August 1999
Macedonia's Losses during Operation Allied Force
Sam Vaknin
Unless donor conferences and foreign governments meet their pledges, Macedonia will be in dire straits indeed.

26 July 1999
Managing Macedonia's Future
Sam Vaknin
Macedonia's relationship with the EU will not change if the EU does not honour its promises.

19 July 1999
The Phlegm and the Anima
Sam Vaknin
Tony Blair was here in Macedonia a while ago, promising the moon.