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The journal of Central European politics society and culture
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Thematic Archive
Thematic Archive:
Czech Minority Issues

Articles on Czech minorities issues which have appeared in past issues of CER.

21 May 2001
They Have a Dream
Eva Sobotka
How the Roma and the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs see the concept of a non-territorial Roma nation.

7 May 2001
Rusyn Review
Brian J Požun
A short summary of the situation of the small Rusyn communities in the Czech Republic, Croatia and Romania.


Volume 2

27 November 2000
Moving Forward
Tiffany G Petros
The issue of Roma rights in the Czech Republic continues to be contentious despite some progress.

27 November 2000
No Problem Here
Katharine Fletcher
The plight of the Roma is all too often ignored by police in the Czech Republic.

29 May 2000
Foreigners Go Home!
Jan Čulík
Following the lead of her West European neighbours, the Czech Republic is taking a hostile attitude toward both refugees and students from non-Western countries.

21 February 2000
The Roma Question
Jan Čulík
The Czech/Roma debate continues.

7 February 2000
"We are not racists, but we don't like Gypsies"
Jan Čulík
In response to last week's review, letters pour in.

31 January 2000
If you prick us, do we not bleed?
Jan Čulík
The plight of Czech Roma attempting to find asylum in the UK.

22 November 1999
Hitler Lives
Anthony Ozuna
I saw Hitler yesterday on the metro in Prague.

25 October 1999
Race Relations
Jan Čulík
Rather than indulging in hypocritical posturing, we should simply admit that Czech-Romani relations suffer from serious and complex problems, and these should be tackled from both sides.

20 September 1999
The War of the Hypocrites
Tomas Pecina
The latest developments in Czech-Roma relations have put the Roma in a lose-lose situation.

16 August 1999
Brining Up Jews in Bohemia
Matthew Roth
A new generation of Czechs is turning to Orthodox Judaism and finding new ways to incorporate it into the traditionally secular Czech environment.

12 July 1999
Without Prejudice
Vaclav Pinkava
Czechs and Roma.

1 February 1999
Radical Right Revival
Andrew Stroehlein
The Czech Republican leader Miroslav Sladek is down and probably out of politics.

4 January 1999
Populist, Xenophobic and Useless
Andrew Stroehlein
The Czech Republic tightens its laws for foreigners who wish to obtain residence permits.

5 October 1998
Cast Your Vote for Bigot of the Month
Andrew Stroehlein
The competition for racist bigot of the month in the Czech Republic is already red hot, and it is only the first week of October.


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