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The journal of Central European politics society and culture
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Thematic Archive
Thematic Archive:
Czech Culture

Articles on Czech culture which have appeared in past issues of CER.

30 April 2001
Madeline Hron
Gimme the Money offers a fast-paced glimpse into life as a New York cab driver.

30 April 2001
Jumping into Another Life
Madeline Hron
Pekárková talks to CER about her writing, life in New York City and being an immigrant.

30 April 2001
Iva Pekárková
Read a chapter from Gimme the Money.

5 March 2001
Winning Isn't Everything
Andrew James Horton
Musíme si pomáhat, this year's surprise Oscar nominee, takes a courageous view of history but is unlikely to win for its pains.

5 March 2001
The Ceremony of the Everyday
Ivana Košuličová
Jiří Menzel and Bohumil Hrabal's apotheosis of ordinary people was a highpoint of the Czech New Wave, winning an Oscar in 1967.

26 February 2001
From Depression to Hope
Ivana Košuličová
Tomáš Vorel's latest film presents a stylized view of the countryside.

29 January 2001
City Sister Silver
Caroline Kovtun
A look at Topol's blast onto the post-Communist, postmodern Czech literary scene.

29 January 2001
I Can't Stop
Caroline Kovtun
A review of a new Czech collection of interviews with Jáchym Topol.

29 January 2001
Hard Stuff
Andrew James Horton
Topol's prose is translated into an extraordinary stream of hallucinogenic images in the film version of his novel Anděl.

29 January 2001
A taste of City Sister Silver
Jáchym Topol
An excerpt from Topol's epic novel about post-Velvet Revolution Prague.


Volume 2

30 October 2000
The End of Bull Machá
Josef Škvorecký
A story of jazz in the Communist age, recently published in English for the first time in the collection, When Eve Was Naked.

30 October 2000
All's Well That End's Well
Julie Hansen
Renowned Czech émigré writer and publisher Josef Škvorecký speaks to CER about his life, work, jazz and more.

21 February 2000
An Independent Modernist
Juan Gomez-Guterriez
Teige foresaw the social and political problems in Stalin's urban planning.

21 February 2000
Photomontaged Dreams
Mark Hearld
Teige's collages have an authority as a medium which he could not have acheived in painting.

21 February 2000
Avant-Garde Typography and Surrealist Collage
Sue Bagust
Teige's surrealist collages remain both intensely private works of his inner erotic feelings and reflections on bleak political realities of his day.

24 January 2000
Janáček from All Angles
Zuzana Slobodová
In the frenzy to pay homage to Janáček's genius, not everybody has come to terms with his misogyny.

17 January 2000
Czech Experimental Art of the 1960s
Vít Havránek
Today's perspective on the 1960s has been influenced by changes in technology and mass communication and the continuing social revolution.

17 January 2000
Once upon a Time in the Czech Republic...
James Partridge
The Czech nation's favourite fairy tales are disappearing from TV screens.

1 November 1999
Frana Sramek's Leto on Stage Again
Catherine Miller
A recent performance of Frana Sramek's Leto (Summer, 1915) attempts to warm up the chilly autumn nights in Prague, but it soon leaves its audience snoozing in a torpor of soothing sunshine.

20 September 1999
Manifestly Refreshing
Kazi Stastna
A look at the Prague arts scene.

13 September 1999
Wine Time
Jeffrey Brown
This is the time of vinobrani - the wine festival.

6 September 1999
The Good Girl, 1970 and a Bit
Eva Hauserova
Overcoming Borders - both physical and mental.

16 August 1999
On Guilty Poems, Librettos and Photographs
Tomas Pecina
Shakespeare was lucky to have been English; had he been Czech, he could easily have ended up guilty of writing his plays under the wrong Queen.

9 August 1999
Artistic Revolution
Vaclav Pinkava
Art and architecture in Prague. From the merely revolving to the downright revolting.

9 August 1999
On Doormats and the Quality of Theives
Tomas Pecina
Czechs seem to be measuring their living standards not by what they have but rather by what others don't have.

9 August 1999
One Third Publishers
Sampling of current and upcoming treats of a small press based in the Czech Republic.

9 August 1999
The Grandmother
Bozena Nemcova
Reviewed by James Partridge
Babicka deserves its status as a Czech classic not nearly as well known outside the Czech lands as it should be.

24 May 1999
Kitsch Kills
Kazi Stastna
A profile of the Swiss-Czech artist and psychiatrist Roman Buxbaum.

30 March 1999
Around the [Czech] World in a 100 Years
Kazi Stastna
The Czech Republic looks back at the last 100 years with an exhibit of unique photographs.

16 November 1998
Wandering Eyes [Part II]
Kazi Stastna
Part II of a look at the Czech Festival of Documentary Film.

2 November 1998
The Impossibility of Doing Things Differently
Kazi Stastna
An interview with Ivan Kafka.

2 November 1998
Wandering Eyes
Kazi Stastna
Part I of a look at the Czech Festival of Czech Documentary Film.


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