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The journal of Central European politics society and culture
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Thematic Archive
Thematic Archive:
Croatian Politics

Articles on Croatian politics which have appeared in past issues of CER.

16 October 2000
Hitting the Fan
Pat FitzPatrick
The change of regime in Belgrade could lead to the Croatian PM landing in the brown stuff.

15 May 2000
The Union of Death
Sam Vaknin and Pat FitzPatrick
Two contrasting views of the Ustaša and the relevance of Croatia's wartime past today.

15 May 2000
Tito Is Dead... Long Live Tito!
Brian J Požun
The Former Yugoslavia confronts comrade Josip Broz Tito, 20 years after his death.

15 May 2000
Co-existence in Hardship
Ivo Goldstein
An in-depth look at the causes of the Yugoslav conflicts of the last decade.

15 May 2000
The Church and Croats
Anna Maria Gruenfelder
Does the new politics spell a new relationship between Church, state and nation?

15 May 2000
A New Starting Point
Mladen Vedriš
Croatia's economic future lies in an international outlook to trade.

15 May 2000
Resistance Ideology
Zoran Pusić
Croatia's battle of ideologies is inextricably linked to World War II.

15 May 2000
(Male) Members Only
Đurđa Knežević
The programmes of almost all parties reveal that in Croatian political culture woman as an individual hardly exists.

15 May 2000
EU Odyssey
Sharon Fisher
The new government will need more than enthusiam to gain EU entry.

15 May 2000
Between Tradition and Reality
Dragan Antulov
Regionalism has firm historical roots in Croatia, but nevertheless its re-establishment faces problems.

15 May 2000
Revolution or Denial?
Dejan Jović
Franjo Tuđman's death could not have been more conveniently timed; it gave Croatians a perfect scapegoat.

15 May 2000
CER Interview
Saša Cvijetić
CER interviews the President of Croatia, Stipe Mesić .

15 May 2000
CER Interview
Saša Cvijetić
CER interviews the Deputy Prime Minister of Croatia, Goran Granić .

15 May 2000
CER Interview
Saša Cvijetić
CER interviews Vesna Pusić, the leader of the Croatian People's Party.

15 May 2000
CER Interview
Saša Cvijetić
CER interviews Vlado Gotovac, the leader of the Liberal Party .

17 April 2000
Red Carpet District
Saša Cvijetić
With recent threats of war, the new Croatian ruling elite are showing sings of dangerous disorientation.

13 March 2000
The Art of Playing Football
Saša Cvijetić
Political football in the Zagreb City Assembly.

31 January 2000
Coffee with the President
Saša Cvijetić
The victory of Stipe Mesic in the first round of presidential elections illustrates a paradox.

17 January 2000
And What Now?
Saša Cvijetić
A landslide victory in the long-awaited parliamentary elections.

13 December 1999
Croatia's Crossroads
Saša Cvijetić
At the end of 1999, Croatia finds itself with neither a President nor a Parliament.

18 October 1999
At the Second Crossroads, Part II
Saša Cvijetić
Examining Croatia's political parties and the political landscape on the eve of elections.

11 October 1999
At the Second Crossroads
Saša Cvijetić
The process of democratic transition in Croatia has been more complex than in the other countries of post-Communist Europe.


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