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Vol 0, No 13
21 December 1998

Vlasta Burian in an early film K I N O E Y E:
Further Fairy-tale Surfing

Andrew James Horton

Ho, ho, ho. Park the sleigh, skip out after the holiday feast and check out some of these sites: fairy tales in the Czech Christmas tradition. Hours of good surfing guaranteed or your money back.

Yes, there are more sites out there packed with information on Jan Werich and Czech fairy-tales. First of all, if you haven't already done so, check out CER's own articles on Czech fairy-tales:

  • Once Upon a Time in the Czech Republic...
  • As Camp as Christmas: Borivoj Zeman's Byl jednou jeden kral
  • A Czech Fairy-tale on Tour: Oldrich Lipsky's Tri veterani

    Czech Movie Heaven has the production credits for most major Czech films, fairy-tales included. Some films have more extensive information, such as director biographies and links to reviews.

    If you want information about Jan Werich and Vlasta Burian, then there are a few more places of interest. In English, you can find out about the Werich and Burian's early dada days by exploring the Czech Travel Net's site.

    For biographical information, visit the Czech Movie Heaven site for Burian, which flashes out "LONG LIVE THE KING OF COMEDIANS: VLASTA BURIAN!" as homage. The site is very detailed. The Cipis site has an article on Werich and pre-war collaborator Jiri Voskovec and their involvement in the Liberated Theatre and their play Kat a blazen.

    Radio Prague wins the award for this week's bizarrest site with its virtual cemetry, where you can visit Werich and Voskovec's graves online.

    Andrew James Horton, 21 December 1998 (updated 17 January 2000)

    Central Europe Review would like to thank Czech Television for providing the photo accompanying this feature.


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