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The Issue (#8):
The Convenience Revolution

Andrew Stroehlein



Czech Freedom to Consume

Hungarian Shopping Burnout

From DIY to a Service Economy in the Czech Republic


Everything there is to know about Central and East European FILM.

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Tomas Pecina:
Czech Politics over Poetry

Catherine Lovatt:
Eclipsing Romania's Woes

Jan Culik:
Czech Media Failing

Mel Huang:
Latvia's Pension Tension

Sam Vaknin:
The Bad Blood
of Kosovo


"3rd Generation" Jews in Central Europe

Bringing up Jews in Bohemia

Confronting Jewishness


Baltic States

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Polish Indie Music

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Viacheslav Sorokin's
Totalitarnii roman

Snjezana Tribuson's
Tri muskarca Melite Zganjer


A New Generation of Jewish Writers

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Central European
Culture in the UK


Czech TV Nova in Crisis


Transitions Online


Nuclear Power


Wiping Your Feet on Tomas Pecina's Doormat Argument

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Vol 1, No 8, 16 August 1999

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A new generation of Jews in Central Europe I D E N T I T Y:
Confronting Jewishness

Young Jews from the post-Holocaust "third generation" in Central Europe are challenging the traditionally passive ethnic identification of their parents and grandparents throughout the last half century and are reaffirming their Jewish identity.

Peter Krasztev

A new generation of Jews in Central Europe I D E N T I T Y:
Bringing Up Jews in Bohemia

A new generation of Czechs is turning to Orthodox Judaism and finding new ways to incorporate it into the traditionally secular Czech environemnt.

Matthew Roth


Nova TV's future is still unclear M E D I A:
Zelezny Pulls the Plug on Nova TV

On 5 August 1999, the conflict between Vladimir Zelezny, the licence holder of Central and Eastern Europe's most successful commercial TV station, Nova, and the station's American service providers came to a head.

Jan Culik

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consumerism in Central and Eastern Europe Theme of the Week
in Central and
Eastern Europe
"We have learned the freedom to consume very well."
Andreas Beckmann
An interview with Yvonna Gaillyova, one of the leading figures in eco-counselling in the Czech Republic, on the nature of consumerism in post-Communist Central Europe.
Back to the Future
Vaclav Pinkava
Czechs are losing their inclination toward inventiveness as their DIY economy becomes a service economy. This is precisely what happened in the UK.
Shop till You Drop
Gusztav Kosztolanyi
Even in Communist times, Hungary was something of a consumer society. Now, shopping is a full-blown pastime, and Hungarians are wondering if capitalism was such a good idea after all.
The Convenience Revolution
Andrew Stroehlein
Consumerism also has its positive effects. Paramount among these is the improvement of women's lives and ultimately their standing in society.

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CER's Regular Columns:

On Guilty Poems, Librettos and Photographs
Tomas Pecina
Shakespeare was lucky to have been English; had he been Czech, he could easily have ended up guilty of writing his plays under the wrong Queen...
Abrasive over Pensions
Mel Huang
No one doubts there is a crisis in Latvia's social services sector. But is Prime Minister Andris Skele resorting to authoritarian methods to solve the problem?
Two Minutes and
Twenty-Three Seconds

Catherine Lovatt
Superstition and science joined together for the total eclipse in Romania, as the country was distracted for a few minutes from its economic and political problems.
Czech Media and Civil
Society: A survey

Jan Culik
The instruments of speech for the nation - media and the education system - have been paralysed, and there is no systematic public debate about the most important issues of public interest.
The Bad Blood of Kosovo
Sam Vaknin
The historical legacy and the nature of Serb involvement in Kosovo.

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Kinoeye: Film in Central and Eastern Europe Kinoeye

Continuing with our coverage of the 34th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Kinoeye looks at two syrupy romances which make unintentional but revealing comments about attitudes towards men in the societies in which they were made. Click on either article for links to previous Kinoeye coverage of Karlovy Vary.

This new sub-site aims to be the definitive index of Internet resources on Central and East European cinema.

Dictatorship of Love
Viacheslav Sorokin's
Totalitarnii roman

Andrew J Horton
It is autumn 1968, the Prague Spring has just been crushed, and a young Soviet dissident takes refuge first in a small Siberian town and then in an improbable romance.
Cream-Cake Nationalism
Snjezana Tribuson's Tri muskarca Melite Zganjer

Andrew J Horton
Life in Croatia is driven by macho nationalism a good deal more than in most Central European countries. Are Croatian women getting fed up with this?

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Books and Literature

A new generation of Central European Jewish authors is emerging N E W   G E N E R A T I O N:
Confronting Jewishness
Part I - How the idea of generation died

For those in Central Europe who are grandchildren of the survivors of the Second World War, Jewish identity has long been rumoured to be a largely unconscious affair, if not completely extinct. In post-war Central Europe, somewhere between the twin temptations of assimilation and emmigration, the concept of generations died. Today, a group of young intellectuals from this post-Holocaust "third generation" are challenging this view and reaffirming their Jewish identity.

Peter Krasztev

The CER Book Shop:
Books about Central and Eastern Europe

Have a look at CER's list of books on the region - all available from Amazon.com. The list is divided into five subject headings: cinema, literature, politics, history and economics.

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The CER Music Shop

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O n   D i s p l a y

E V E N T S:
Coming Up in the UK

Details of selected Central and East European cultural events in the UK over the next few weeks.

Andrew J Horton

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Last Week's News in Central Europe:

The Baltic States    Mel Huang

Germany    RP Online

Hungary    Paul Nemes

Poland    Joanna Rohozinska and Donosy-English

Romania    Catherine and David Lovatt

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