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Environmental Movements

Of Muck and Men
in Hungary

Czech Strengths

Good green money after bad?

Not-so-blue Danube

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Jan Culik:
Battle at Nova TV Goes on

Mel Huang:
Estonians in Kilts?

Vaclav Pinkava:
Swim a Lifespan

Tomas Pecina:
Czechs versus Word-charm

Sam Vaknin:
Billions Wasted on Aid to the East

Readers' Choice:
The most popular article last week

Slovakia One Year after the Great Change


Jan Jakub Kolski's
Historia kina w Popielawach



Baltic States

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The Media and the Yugoslav War


"Keep Out" Policies

NATO Bombing and Eco-disaster


Moravian Wine Festival


EMU and Central Europe (part 2)


The Czech Republic
1992 to 1999:

From unintentional political birth to prolonged political crisis

Warning: 200 Kb file! (big)


Book Review:
Mart Laar's War in the Woods

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Music Shop


Central European
Culture in the UK


Czech Republic:
New York Post: The Nova TV wrangle.

Czech Republic:
James Brodell: The anti-press media bill.

Warsaw Voice: Vetting is devouring its own children.


Transitions Online

Britske listy
(in Czech)

Domino Forum
(in Slovak)


Strong Centres, Weak Provinces

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Vol 1, No 12, 13 September 1999

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W A R   I N   K O S O V O:
A Victory for the Media?

Today, the media's role in encapsulating "reality" necessarily includes the promulgation of ethnic conflict. In ex-Yugoslavia, the media served to deconstruct commonalities and helped to create that matrix of non-negotiable differences demanding that "something must be done."

Marina Blagojevic

Central Europe Review Special Feature S P E C I A L   F E A T U R E:
The Czech Republic 1992 to 1999:
From unintentional political birth to
prolonged political crisis

This is an extensive account of the first years of the young Czech Republic. Starting with the Velvet Divorce, we take you through the privatisations and privations of the Klaus years to the rudderless rise of the Social Democrats; all the events that have made the country what it is today are covered. Lock the door for a few hours, and enjoy a good read.
(WARNING: 200 Kb file!)

Andrew Stroehlein
with Jan Culik, Steven Saxonberg and Kazi Stastna

EMU too
A young EMU looks toward Central Europe
M O N E T A R Y   U N I O N:
Why Do It?

With its huge dominance of European trade, the EMU zone has a significant impact on Central Europe. It is only with a clear understanding of where EMU is leading that the countries of Central Europe can prepare for their possible participation. In our second article in the series, we address how EMU came to be the essential next step in the development of Western Europe.

Rob Smith

Just a test S L I C E  O F   L I F E:
The Wine Time

After months of waiting, the time has come to pick and prune the voluptuous clusters of South Moravia's grapes, bursting with wine-making potential, that have made the area famous. While the vintners worry about the first indications of the quality and volume of the harvest, villages in the region are overcome with a more frivolous emotion. This is the time of vinobrani - the wine festival.

Jeffrey Brown

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Environmental protest in Prague Theme of the Week
Environmental Movements
A Quiet Revolution
Andreas Beckmann
Following the darkest days of the Klaus era, the Czech environmental movement is coming into its own.
Working with Russia
John Massey Stewart
The West, in recognition of Russia's vast environmental problems, has poured in huge quantities of money. How much of it has been spent effectively?
An der schoenen,
braunen Donau

Catherine Lovatt
Once a thriving ecosystem, the Danube River has become a cancerous brown scar across Eastern Europe. NATO's bombing of Serbia has only made a bad situation worse. Can any of the new proposals make the Danube blue - or at least green?
Where There's Muck
There's Brass

Gusztav Kosztolanyi
Hungary's now flourishing green movement has had only a relatively small impact; the increased awareness of the need to improve the country's environmental record has more to do with a pragmatic approach to EU accession. But adapting to the EU's demands by altering the contents of the statute books is not enough to ensure change. This is well illustrated by the landfill site at Gare.

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CER's Regular Columns:

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?
Sam Vaknin
The West keeps sending money East, and it keeps disappearing in a tangle of fear and corruption.
Czechs versus Word-charm
Tomas Pecina
Some argue that of all the Central and East European nations, Czechs are most prone to be charmed by words.
Fisheye Lens
Vaclav Pinkava
If immortality is ever invented, it will be on sale to the highest bidder. And the highest bidder will be the greatest criminal boss - someone like Stalin, no doubt.
A Friendly Invasion
Mel Huang
Scots and Estonians share a bond that encompasses more than just their regular rivalry on the football field: they are kindred nations in spirit.
Nova TV: The saga continues
Jan Culik
On Thursday 9 September, CME-owned television "service provider," the Czech Independent Television Company, terminated with immediate effect all its technical and production activities. It wound down its broadcasting of television news via the Internet and made 270 out of 350 of its employees redundant. It is only the latest chapter in the unfolding story of Nova TV.

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Kinoeye: Film in Central and Eastern Europe Kinoeye

This week, we continue our look at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

A Century of Dreaming:
Jan Jakub Kolski's Historia kina w Popielawach

Andrew J Horton
Jan Jakub Kolski has earned himself a strange reputation. His mystical and folklorish films stand apart from the general flow of Central European cinema. Critics have found him to have more in common with the "magic realism" of South American prose than with his fellow Central European film directors.

Resources on Central and East European cinema.

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Books and Literature

Mart Laar's War in the Woods B O O K   R E V I E W:
War in the Woods: Estonia's Struggle for Survival, 1944 -1956
By Mart Laar

Despite faults in the text and in the translation, this book is a must read and a necessity not only for Baltic enthusiasts but also for anyone generally interested in history. War in the Woods tells the story of Estonia's "Forest Brothers" - the freedom fighters that took to the woods after the second Soviet occupation, which started in 1944.

Mel Huang

S U P P L E M E N T:
The CER Book Shop:
Books about Central and Eastern Europe

Have a look at CER's list of books on the region - all available from Amazon.com. The list is divided into five subject headings: cinema, literature, politics, history and economics.

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M   u   s   i   c

S U P P L E M E N T:
The CER Music Shop

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O n   D i s p l a y

E V E N T S:
Coming Up in the UK

Details of selected Central and East European cultural events in the UK over the next few weeks.

Andrew J Horton

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Last Week's News in Central Europe:

Baltic States    Mel Huang

Germany    RP Online

Hungary    Paul Nemes

Poland    Joanna Rohozinska and Donosy-English

Romania    Catherine and David Lovatt

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L e t t e r s   to   C E R
"Keep Out" Sign Hangs on Poland's Door, Too
Anil Kumawat
Writing in response to Jan Culik's article, "UK: Central Europeans Keep Out!" in CER 10, Kumawat shares the details of a similar case of the bureaucratic cold shoulder which he experienced at the Polish Embassy in Prague.
From Whence
the Dark Clouds?

Randy Mott
The author takes issue with CER columnist Sam Vaknin as to the real origins of Yugoslavia's current environmental damage.

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