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Left and Right

Too Wide a Spectrum

Czech Republic:
No Spectrum at All

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Jan Culik:
UK Rejects Central Europeans

Vaclav Pinkava:

Sam Vaknin:
Balkan Intellectuals

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The Generation Gap in Czech Society


Jan Hrebejk's

Roman Vavra's
Co chytnes v zite

Over 80 new links added this week to the KINOEYE ARCHIVE


Czech Nationalism Defeating European Dream

Polish Agricultural Reform



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A Lovely Tale of Photography

A New Generation of Jewish Writers
(part 3)

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Central European
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Transitions Online


One Year after Major Central European Elections

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Vol 1, No 10, 30 August 1999

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ready to cut anything... except subsidies R U R A L   P O L A N D:
Ready for the Chop

Poland's antiquated and inefficient farming sector urgently needs a drastic overhaul. If restructuring succeeds, however, an employment crisis will be hard to avoid. Not surprisingly, the political consensus necessary to implement such a delicate plan is nowhere in sight.

Rudolf Hermann

hopes of early Czech entry going up in smoke C Z E C H   F U D G E:
Nothing but Nation

The rhetoric of "national interests" is heard ever more frequently in the Czech Republic, but it is becoming increasingly obvious that the major political parties do not consider rapid EU entry to be in the national interest.

Pavel Tychtl

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push me left, pull you right Theme of the Week
The Political Spectrum
The Failure of Pure Democracy
Catherine Lovatt
The Romanian political spectrum spans far beyond right and left, and the extremes of that diversity are crippling democracy.
Three Vaclavs
Andrew Stroehlein
In Czech political thinking, left, right and centre are not nearly as important as Vaclav, Vaclav and Vaclav.

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CER's Regular Columns:

The Poets and the Eclipse
Sam Vaknin
Intellectuals in the Balkans exert no moderating influence on their societies; on the contrary, they radicalize, dramatize, poison and incite.
Vaclav Pinkava
Blackmail is one key reason why morality, even in private life, does have something to do with public office. A leader susceptible to blackmail is no good at all.
UK: Central Europeans Keep Out!
Jan Culik
Central and East European bureaucracy is notorious. But British bureaucracy, at least when dealing with foreigners applying for permission to enter the country, seems to be even worse, and it is encouraging Central European racism.

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Kinoeye: Film in Central and Eastern Europe Kinoeye

This week, Kinoeye's coverage of the 34th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival focuses on two films in a genre dear to Czech hearts - the light comedy.

Summer of Discontent:
Jan Hrebejk's Pelisky

Andrew J Horton
Although Pelisky is a socio-historical analysis of the end of the Prague Spring in 1968, it also works as a humorous portrait of how acutely embarrassing parents can be.
Catching in the Rye: Roman
Vavra's Co chytnes v zite

Andrew J Horton
Documentarist Roman Vavra's 1998 feature debut, Co chytnes v zite was well-received but is more modest and less adventurous than Pelisky.

Resources on Central and East European cinema. Over 80 new links added this week.

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Books and Literature

A Lovely Tale of Photography P R O S E:
A Lovely Tale of Photography

Last month, the ever-unpredictable Prague-based publisher, Twisted Spoon Press, again threw a tasty morsel to English-speaking fans of Central European literature with yet another addition to its Contemporary Writing in Central Europe Series - the unique "film novella" A Lovely Tale of Photography from Hungarian writer Petr Nadas. This week, CER brings you an excerpt from this hallucinatory piece of prose-poetry.

Petr Nadas

a new generation of Central European Jewish authors is emerging N E W   G E N E R A T I O N:
Confronting Jewishness
Part 3 - Tradition and normality

Jewish identity for those in Central Europe who are grandchildren of the survivors of the Second World War has long been rumoured to be a largely unconscious affair, if not completely extinct. In post-war Central Europe, identity was torn between the twin temptations of assimilation and emigration. However, a group of young intellectuals from this "third generation" after the Holocaust are currently challenging this view. In this, the final part of this series, we will look at how these authors view the concepts of tradition and normality.

Peter Krasztev

The CER Book Shop:
Books about Central and Eastern Europe

Have a look at CER's list of books on the region - all available from Amazon.com. The list is divided into five subject headings: cinema, literature, politics, history and economics.

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S U P P L E M E N T:
The CER Music Shop

In co-operation with Amazon.com, Central Europe Review offers you this on-line shopping supplement.


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O n   D i s p l a y

E V E N T S:
Coming Up in the UK

Details of selected Central and East European cultural events in the UK over the next few weeks.

Andrew J Horton

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Last Week's News in Central Europe:

Germany    RP Online

Hungary    Paul Nemes

Poland    Joanna Rohozinska and Donosy-English

Romania    Catherine and David Lovatt

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