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Vol 2, No 28
Summer Special 2000
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Special Summer Issue
Ah, summertime, when a young CER editor's thoughts turn to getting the hell away from the computer screen and getting into therapy.
Yes, CER will be on summer holiday for a few weeks, but fear not, we're leaving you with a selection of articles chosen by our readers from our first year of publication: these are the best of the best from CER.
Throughout the break, however, our media partner BlueEar.com will run e-mail discus-
sions of these and other articles. To join in, just send a blank e-mail to this address.
Finally, thanks to all our readers for making CER the leading journal on the region; our first year has been spectacular -- even award-winning -- because of you. Indeed, our readers' comments and encouragement have kept up our morale throughout the year.
Enjoy this expanded issue of your favourites, and we'll see you again on 4 September.
Andrew Stroehlein, Editor-in-Chief
In this issue...
- Art/Architecture - Focus Issues - Kinoeye
- Baltic Bits - Grand Overviews - Minorities
- Columnists - History - Music
- Czech Media - Hot Spots - Society
- Environment - Interviews - Yugo/Kosovo
- EU Aims

Hot Spots:

Black Hole of Europe
Peter Szyszlo
Belarus is a country sealed off from the outside world; what does leak out is mostly negative.

100 Days of Solitude
Magali Perrault
The ostricised Austrian government's first months in power were a rough start.

NetMedia 2000 Award

Barely a State
Catherine Lovatt
Unstable and economically dependent Moldova.

Threshold of Change
Sarah Whitmore
The ups and downs which faced Ukraine in 1999.

An Honourary Baltic Country
Mel Huang
Throughout the last decade, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have been the strongest international supporters of Chechnya - much to the ire of Russia.

EU, Ready or Not?Aiming for the EU:

EU, Ready or Not?
CER Staff
Our most recent examination of the current state of the European Union's Eastward enlargement.

Finding a Role in an Enlarged EU
Andrew Cave
The wheels on the EU project have not stopped turning, but the impetus for change increasingly comes from outside the Union.

Hungarian Identity, Globalisation and
EU Accession

Gusztáv Kosztolányi
An in-depth look at how Hungarians view themselves, how they view the world and how these views are changing as EU entry approaches.
Setting the Date
Oliver Craske
The Economist has recently declared that "The end game of Return to top of page enlargement is under way." Oh, really?
Musical High Notes:

The Experiment Continues
David Fanning
Russian Avant-Garde: past, present and future.

Global Music, Local Trends
Apostol Apostolov
Bulgarian musical tastes are only half-open to global trends.

Rebellion at the Fringes
Wojtek Kość
Poland's independent music scene.

What Vastness of Suffering?
Nick Reyland
Symphony and world war.

The Forgotten Avant Garde
Andrew James Horton
Soviet composers crushed by Stalin.

The Torchbearer Dies
Mel Huang
On the death of Estonian composer Lepo Sumera.

From Berlin to Broadway
Charlotte Purkis
Return to top of page Kurt Weil's centenary celebrated in London.

Special Focus
Issues of CER

Past issues devoted to a particular country or topic:

The Baltics
Hungarian Music
Jewish Communities
The Tisza River Disaster
Regional Lumping
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History Returns
Like a Bad Lunch:

Securitate Shuffle
Catherine Lovatt
Opening up the old files of the Romanian secret police.

The Great Gold Chase
Martin D Brown
The saga of the Czech gold Return to top of pagereserves hits the airwaves.

CER Interviews
Latvian President Vaira Vike-FreibergaLatvian
President Vaira
* * *
Croatian President Stipe MesicCroatian President Stipe Mesić
* * *
Estonian Prime Minister Mart LaarEstonian
Prime Minister
Mart Laar
* * *
Adam MichnikDissident and editor Adam Michnik
* * *
Czech Philosopher Vaclav BelohradskyPhilosopher Václav Bělohradský
* * *
Ivo Lukacovic: The Czech Bill GatesIvo Lukačovič:
The Czech
Bill Gates
Grand Overviews:

The Re-Austrianisation of
Central Europe?

Ian Hall and Magali Perrault
Assessing the potential of the "New" far right after Haider.

"Transitology": Global Dreams and Post-Communist Realities
Rudolf L Tőkés
Western scholars are still searching for explanations for the collapse of the old regimes in Eastern Europe.

The Czech Republic in the 1990s
Andrew Stroehlein et al
From unintentional political birth to prolonged political crisis.

Slovakia 1999: The turning point
Michael J Kopanic
1999 was a critical year for Slovakia, a year that seemed to offer a new beginning.

On the Inside Looking Out
Lonnie Johnson
Austria's New ÖVP-FPV Government, Jörg Haider and Europe.

Go East!
Židas Daskalovski
EU expansion eastward is an exercise in subtle Return to top of pageracism with colonialist undertones.

Art and Architecture:
Signs of the Times
Andrew James Horton
Posters from Central Europe 1945-1995.
A Tattered Testimony
Robert Young
Photography exhibit on NATO war crimes in Yugoslavia.
Karel Teige Special Issue
Sue Bagust et al
L'Enfant Terrible of the Czech Modernist Avant-Garde.
Building Homes, Building Politics
Juan Jose Gomez Gutierrez
An extensive look at Berlin's post-war Return to top of pageurban development and ideology.
Our readers' favourite film reviews from the Kinoeye Archive.

The Elusive Hitler
Benjamin Halligan
Aleksandr Sokurov's Moloch looks at a day in the life of Hitler.

Critical Mush
Andrew James Horton
Emir Kusturica is given an easy ride by a new documentary failing to probe his possible pro-Milošević past.

Finále a Good Opening Act
Peter Hames
An in-depth look at the Finále film festival in Plzeň.

Elke de Wit
"The Einstein of sex" persecuted by the Nazis.

Hollywood Cottons On
Andrew James Horton
Andrzej Wajda's work is finally acknowledged by Tinseltown with an Oscar for lifetime achievement.

Young Croatian Film
Ivo Skrabalo
A surprising wave of optimism.

Once Upon a Time in the Czech Republic
James Partridge
A light-hearted look at Christmas TV traditions.

Hungary's New Waves
Andrew James Horton
Has Hungary produced any masterpieces this decade?


A Complicated Coexistence
Joanna Rohozińska
Polish-Jewish relations.

"We are not racists, but we don't like Gypsies"
Jan Čulík
Racism in the Czech Republic.

A Fractured Identity
Karen M Laun
The Lemko of Poland.

Erosion or Survival
Gusztáv Kosztolányi
Return to top of page On Vojvodinian Hungarians.


Czech Media:

Weaknesses of
the Czech Media

Andrew Stroehlein
A pretty long list.

Who's Robbing Who?
Jan Čulík
The battle for Czech Nova TV.

More Media Mayhem
Jan Čulík
The twisted tale of Czech Television.


Baltic Bits:

A Leap into the Unknown
Mel Huang
Lithuania's local elections in March.

Does Estonia Have a Left?
Mel Huang
Return to top of page Lop-sided politics.

Yugoslavia and Kosovo:

It's Not Easy Being Biljana
Patrick FitzPatrick
Just who is Biljana Plavšić?

Balkan Hardcore
Alexei Monroe
Pop culture and paramilitarism.

Coexistence in Hardship
Ivo Goldstein
Co-operation vs hatred.

A Year of Failure
Borce Gjeorgjievski
Kosovo in hindsight.

The Buck Stops Everywhere
Slavko Živanov
No winners even one year on.

Refighting Kosova
Fatmir Zajmi
NATO did the right thing.Return to top of page

Chernobyl in Slow Motion
Peter Szyszlo
The costs and dangers of the old Soviet empire's mismanagement of its radioactive waste. (in three parts: 1, 2, 3)
From Puppet Master to
Listless Puppet

Andreas Beckmann
Who continues to care about the environment in the Czech Republic?
The Dark Clouds of NATO
Sam Vaknin
A look at the Assessment of Environmental Impact report detailing war damage in Yugoslavia.
Lithuania's Nuclear Dilemma
Mel Huang
Lithunia must choose between maintaining self-sufficiency and potentially incurring the wrath of the EU.Return to top of page
Taxing the Professionals
Kazi Stastna
Prostitution in the Czech Republic. (in two parts: 1, 2)
Slovenia's Suicidal Tendencies
Brian J Požun
Bringing a skeleton out of its closet.
From Precariousness to Disaffection
Isabelle Le Rouzic
The homeless in Prague.
The Invisible Majority
Gusztáv Kosztolányi
Cosmopolitan and the cruel reality for Hungary's women.
Still Seeking a Niche
Igor Nobilo
Student apathy is a worrying sign in Croatia.
Regular Columnists
The Union of Death Debate
Sam Vaknin et al
One man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist. A look at five different violent groups in the Balkans.
Attitude Asylum
Catherine Lovatt
Romanians and Britons alike have responded with a similar attitude to the 'problem of the begging Roma.'
Who's Afraid of Rational Thought?
Jan Čulík
If you want to understand the Czech Republic, study Marxism.
Five Flavours of Brain
Židas Daskalovski
Balkan intellectuals have had a hard time coping with democratisation.
Caring for the Goose
Andreas Beckmann
The Czech countryside would benefit a great deal from a few loud Americans of their own.
Right of Admission Reserved
Oliver Craske
Is Britain the promised land for East Europeans? Return to top of page

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