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Debate page The CER /
Blue Ear Debate

An e-mail based discussion of CER articles, and European topics, on the Blue Ear forum

The CER / Blue Ear debate, in conjunction with BlueEar.com, continues to go from strength to strength. Over the last two weeks the debate has revolved around the current situation in the Balkans, whilst touching upon the meaning of the term Central Europe and the uses of populations transfers.

We started with Pat Fitzpatrick's article on the attempted arrest of Biljana Plavšic in Bosnia, moving on to Borce Gjorgjievski's report on the present state of the KFOR mission to Kosovo. Highlights of these discussions will be posted next week.

Also look out for the start of a nine part serial that will run on the Forum from Tuesday, 27 June 2000, "Balkan Notes" by Ted Brewer.

To read the best of previous postings to the forum click here, containing contributions from Ethan Casey, Magali Perrault, Hugh Martin, Bo Melander, Blake Lambert and Maximilian Hartmuth.

Below, Ethan Casey, Blue Ear's editor, introduces the forum and provides instructions for CER readers on how to join the discussions hosted on it.

An Introduction to the Blue Ear Forum

The Blue Ear Forum is a moderated e-mail community run by BlueEar.com: Global Writing Worth Reading, a CER partner publication. The Forum is written daily by its members in a mix of spontaneous postings, scheduled columns from around the world and occasional guided discussions with special guests. We invite you to join CER editors on the Blue Ear Forum, where CER and BlueEar.com will be jointly fostering discussion of current and past CER articles and European issues in general.

Here is what members say about the Blue Ear Forum:

It's one of the only places I can get so many useful and thought-provoking ideas ... I feel like my brain just went to the gym and I'm still huffing and puffing (just what it needs).

I've been damn near exhilarated to see this level of informed, intelligent and, above all, courteous exchange on the web. I've found an intellectual home on the web.

Ethan Casey,
Editor, BlueEar.com

To join the Blue Ear Forum, just send a blank email to

The Best Postings from Past Debates

  • One Hundred Days of Solitude:The Debate

    We started the debate rolling with Magali Perrault's article, marking the first hundred days of the People's Party (ÖVP) and the Freedom Party's (FPÖ) coalition government in Austria. Read the article and the various postings to the forum that follow.

Also of Interest

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