Central Europe Review The International OSI Policy Fellowships (IPF) program
Vol 2, No 28
Summer Special 2000
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What Our Readers Say about Us

A little overlooked part of the world which now has a voice to the English-speaking world.
Stan Gronek

Always clear and informative, with good writing and features. A welcome addition to the week's news.
Mike Goddard

As a Bulgarian under Turkish rule wrote the patriot Rakovsky, your review is like fresh bread to us. It fills a gap in our understanding of the region and does it with authority and style.
Donald Shanor

As a librarian who's always on the lookout for relevant information for my clients, I find the Review valuable. I can e-mail it to them every week and know that they're getting a useful source of information about events on the other side of the world.
Mary Laking

By far the best, most vivid, varied and stimulating website about the CEE countries.
Lidija Rangelovska

CER is a very important and innovative form of using media for reliable information about all aspects of life in the Central European region.
Ivo Skrabalo

CER is quite simply the most fantastic resource for educators teaching about the democratic transformation in Eastern and Central Europe. It, amazingly, is a weekly publication -- a monumental undertaking! And it shows the "warts and all", both the achievements and the limitations of the various changes being undertaken in Eastern and Central Europe. It even pays attention to the oft-overlooked Baltic nations. I would be lost without it.
Prof Myron Levine

CER is very well written; contributors have great grasp of the facts and problems!
Joseph Struska

Comprehensive, intelligent reporting and commentary that has the authority of academic work but is accessible and lively. Excellent archive. Well-designed page. Takes full advantage of the Web medium but is not a digital indulgence.
John Allison

Cultural breadth and creativity combined with carefully written opinion pieces - all with a flavor of humor.
Prof David H Fisher

Discovered this magazine in the Chronicle of Higher Ed and have been delighted with information on this part of the world ever since. Especially useful to have a REAL perspective regarding the bits and pieces in international news.
Janice Reeb

Excellent overall political analysis of Central European Countries/Politics. Especially enjoy Mel Huang's reporting on Baltic issues.
Karin Smith

Excellent and balanced coverage of political and cultural issues: highly commendable.
Geoffrey Chew

Excellent coverage, honest, frank, rigorous.
Jean-Pierre Petits

Excellent online magazine for Eastern
European topics.
Denis Valic

Excellent overall coverage.
D John

Excellent site with interesting and up-to-date coverage of Central European news and history.
Carol Kahar

Far and away the best online source for news and commentary on Central Europe.
Todd Binkley

For overall excellence in bringing readers up-to-date with the background to Central European affairs.
Declan Geaney

Great inside knowledge based and unparalleled understanding of the issues crucial to the future development of the CEE Region.
Pawel Stelmaszczyk

Great publication for someone who doesn't live there but has an avid interest in European affairs.
Larry Bindl

Have watched this online newspaper grow. As my work is closely linked to Eastern/Central Europe, it has been an invaluable asset. All involved with the growth and development of this online paper deserve the highest commendation for reliable and comprehsnive reporting, most especially during the Kosova crisis and its present aftermath.
Peter M Ebel

I have used this site for in-depth research re: CEE countries more than any other. Have recommended it to many faculties in both law and political science. All applaud its in-depth research and topical articles. Its writers often send us additional information/sources.
Susan Smolens, Esq

I especially enjoy Mel Huang's reports and articles on the Baltic States.
Irene Nyklicek

In a word: excellent!
Bela Lazar

In-depth, interesting journalism about Central and Eastern Europe.
Samuel Eriksen

In providing clear, incisive, balanced analysis, CE Review gives a basis for decision formation which might well lead to better decisions on public policy issues in Central Europe. CE Review represents EVERYTHING which is currently missing from Czech journalism. I have spent two decades there, suffering from want of just the sort of information provided so well by CE Review. Extremely good job, Mr Stroehlein and Staff!
Prof PhDr G Bartholomew

Insightful and knowledgeable journalism from a wide-ranging set of correspondents. Still free!
Howard Vaan

Interesting, well informed and well written, featuring a wide range of articles covering the entire East European region, and focusing on a variety of themes.
Sarah Mitchell

It's very helpful in my job. It's very good information.
Alberto Mejía

Most brilliant and extensive coverage on all aspects of life in Central Europe, including my country, Hungary.
Tibor Koves

A most interesting and professional site.
Rita G Willsher

Probably the best resource anywhere for material on the cinema of Central and Eastern Europe.
Ray Privett

Refreshingly honest.
John Wolford

Some replacement for OMRI much appreciated. The Web could do worse than a few more sites like this. Admirable choice not to go e-commerce.
Adam Guy

Successful new free weekly online journal in English for Central European affairs; widely read by journalists, government departments etc.; excellent current affairs discussion, book and film reviews etc.; making a name for itself on a shoestring...
James Naughton

The best electronic publication on Central Europe. A wonderful combination of up-to-date news and thoughtful, exhaustive commentary. Coverage of politics, economy and culture. I particularly enjoy that last one. Best regards,
Prof Jan Kubik

The best site on the region. The quality of journalism is far above other English language services, and the site invites dissenting views. Outstanding, and I know the region well.
Michael Morris

The best unbiased source of news and cultural info from East and Central Europe.
Jill Winder

CER is informative, intriguing, with knowledgeable interpretations, quite reliable.
Hrvoje Turkovic

The CER site enables me to keep up-to-date on Central and Eastern European societies without any language proficiency in this area.
Paul Choi

The most interesting articles focused on Central and Eastern Europe.
Marius Pasca

This is a reliable, up-to-date way for readers to get Central European news about economics, politics and culture.
Joseph T Krause

This is really the best, most complete English news on this part of the world. They do an excellent job, and were super-valuable during the Kosovo war and more recently with the changes in Russia. You can't get this perspective on AOL/CNN/TIME/etc. This is what the net is all about - diversity of news sources.
Jonathan Prince

This is the most up-to-date informative website I have seen and is handled with care and class.
Jim Krapf

This site is far the best for obtaining qualified analyses of sociological, political and cultural aspects of Central European society. Thank you.
Mads Bielefeldt Stjernø

Timely analyses of an increasingly important region.
Szabolcs Szekeres

A very fine and informative publication. As a Hungarian refugee, I like to keep current about what is happening in my native land, and this publication does a great job of keeping me current.
Erika Cailao

Very high quality of journalism which appears regularly.
Jaan Ranniko

Very informative about the CEE countries / politics and culture.
Tomasz Herzog

Very informative on Eastern Europe.
Alessandro Kihlgren

Very well-informed and up-to-the-minute news about once-obscure countries.
Chris Lawson

We enjoy Central Europe Review very much. It's concise and informative. It's hard to get news from Central Europe through the TV news. CER keeps us up to date.
Marc and Bozena Zayac

Wonderful weekly updates via e-mail.
Erika Bai Siebels

Without question - extraordinary!
Irene Boelk

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